UPDATE: No in-person pickets tomorrow, #StrikeFromHome instead!

Hello, and welcome to the fourth day of our strike action! Here’s a quick preview of what tomorrow (Friday 18 February) holds in store for us:

  • NO PICKETING IN PERSON TOMORROW: due to Storm Eunice, and the risks of picketing outside, we’re calling off in-person pickets for tomorrow (Friday) morning. Instead, join our…
  • STRIKE FROM HOME! We’ll be hosting a digital picket tomorrow morning, from 10.00. Highlights include:
    • 10.00: Mass email to Council members
    • 10.30: Teach-out by Demilitarise Cambridge, ‘The Cambridge Military-Academic Complex’, on Google Meet (link here https://meet.google.com/tsv-jtsu-rg)
    • 12.00: Online rally, with speakers including Daniel Zeichner MP

Join us then from the comfort of your homes, while the winds howl outside! You can register using this link here: 


Here are some quick things you can do now to build the action for next week:

  • Sign up to next week’s pickets – in person as usual!
  • Invite your friends and colleagues along to the pickets too
  • Take a nice relaxing weekend off: remember, we’re on ASOS, and we’ll need our energy for next week’s action!