Anti Racism/ BME staff

Cambridge UCU is committed to addressing all forms of institutional racism at the University. While recognising the efforts that the University has made towards the Race Equality Charter (REC), as union members we believe that broader collective responsibility is required to build an anti-racist agenda, shift workplace cultures, and address issues surrounding recruitment. As this important new UCU report on the REC (commentary here) makes clear, there are significant challenges to be overcome.

Our BME Members’ group, draws on the expertise of UCU members of the University’s BME network, the group will track the University’s REC initiatives from a critical distance in order to ensure that they do not turn into box-ticking exercises. It provides a space for BME members to discuss everyday racism and push for culture change. We would love for as many members, whether BME or not, to join us. Recruitment, equal pay,  antiracism; these are all union issues. 

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CUCU are delighted to support the Everyday Racism incident reporting platform, an anonymised tool for reporting racist incidents at Cambridge, developed by the department of Sociology. Please take a look at the platform website and share the link with your colleagues.


See the experiences of BME staff working in further and higher education in UCU’s Black Members Standing Committee short film Witness: