Pay and Equality

Pay and Equality 2018-19

UCU members were balloted nationally in the summer of 2018 over potential industrial action due to another below inflation pay offer and lack of commitment from employers on pay equality and casualisation.  Although the Cambridge branch voted in favour of both Action Short of a Strike and Strike Action we were narrowly unable to meet the 50% participation threshold needed for the results to count.

UCU members at universities nationwide are being re-balloted on whether to take strike action in support of the 2018 national claim. As well as asking for a meaningful pay rise, instead of the sub-inflationary 2% offered by employers, UCU called on the employers to make serious commitments to closing the gender pay gap, recognize excessive workloads, and reduce the use of precarious contracts. They have offered none.

We recommend you vote YES to Industrial Action and YES to Action Short of a Strike, and we urge all members to participate in the ballot which runs from January 15th – February 22nd. Return your ballot paper as soon as possible and notify the branch that you have voted (but not how you voted).