Why we stand with Unite in their battle for fair pay

Cambridge UCU fully supports our colleagues in Cambridge University Unite in their battle with the University for fair pay – we passed the motion below at our general meeting on 12 March and have made a major donation to their hardship fund.

Members can show their solidarity in the following ways:

Motion in Solidarity with the Unite University Branch industrial action – passed 12 March 2024

This branch notes:

  • the pay dispute between Unite and the University continues with no positive movement from the University, who have only agreed to meet with Unite twice in the past 5 months on this dispute;
  • the University is insistent that the dispute be relegated to discussion in the Special Joint Board formed to consider the ongoing pay review – a wholly inappropriate suggestion that does not follow standing procedures for dispute resolution;
  • the University has refused ACAS involvement;
  • as a result, Unite have had no other option but to escalate their action, with three days of strike action this week (12-14 March, 2024), leading to further hardship for their members.

The branch resolves to:

  • make a donation of £5,000 to the Unite hardship fund;
  • support our colleagues in their action as far as possible in solidarity;
  • encourage the University to negotiate with Unite in good faith to bring the dispute to a mutually acceptable conclusion.