Joint statement J4CS and the Colleges, University and Office for Intercollegiate Services 6/3

On Thursday 6th March representatives of the Cambridge UCU Justice 4 College Supervisors (J4CS) campaign met with representatives of the Colleges, University, and the Office of Intercollegiate Services (OIS).

Present at that meeting:

Cambridge UCU: Lydia Richards (UCU regional official), Matthew Lloyd Roberts (UCU Postgraduate Rep), Emily Sandford (UCU Casualisation Rep), Ali Suriel (PhD candidate).

Colleges, University and OIS:
Richard Anthony (Chair, Bursars’ Committee), Judith Bunbury (Associate Secretary, Senior Tutors’ Committee), Malcolm Millbrook (Deputy Head of OIS), Bhaskar Vira (Pro VC for Education).

This week covered recent discussions about the supervisor pay rate for Michaelmas 2024 at the Bursars’ Committee. The OIS committed to providing further information on this subject ahead of a meeting of the J4CS campaign next Wednesday 13th March.

Work continues on the initial report of findings from the Undergraduate Supervisor Workload Survey, with publication to follow in due course.