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The UCU is the largest trade union and professional association for academic and academic-related staff working in Further and Higher Education in the UK. Its membership is open to postdocs, and postgraduate students intending to work in the HE and FE sectors, as well as more senior academic staff. It is also open to academic-related staff at grade 6 and above.

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USS Dispute: Open meeting 23rd January

Cambridge UCU invites you to join us for an open meeting to discuss the current USS ballot and to mention any issues you would like us to raise at the Pensions Briefing on 28th January. Please indicate interest at: http://doodle.com/xg5dq97e2stihw7k

USS Ballot, 16th to 26th January 2015

The UCU is currently holding a national electronic ballot on a new offer from the employers in the pensions negotiation. The Cambridge LA's Executive will meet on Tuesday lunchtime to discuss this offer, and to consider what response it would be appropriate for it to make. Its response will probably include some form of email to members later on Tuesday.

The assessment boycott remains suspended until the results of this ballot are known.

Assessment Boycott Suspended, 20th November 2014

Sally Hunt, the General Secretary of the UCU, announced that the assessment boycott had been suspended until at least the 15th January as negotiations are continuing. The employers agreed not to dock any pay from those who had taken part in this brief action.

The LA Executive currently has vacancies. Anyone interested in being co-opted should contact one of the current members for more information.

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