Event: Campus Voices for Palestine – Thursday 7 March

Education for liberation from apartheid, occupation and genocide

Thursday 7 March, 12.30, Room 3, Lecture Block, Sidgwick site


  • Bayan Haddad (Birzeit University)
  • Danai Avgeri (University of Cambridge)
  • Kareem Estefan (University of Cambridge)
  • Harvey Brown (Cambridge SU)

Chair: Anne Alexander (BRICUP / BRISMES Campaigns & Cambridge UCU)

Cambridge UCU is pleased to be hosting an open meeting as part of a UK-wide campaign to resist the suppression of Palestine advocacy and interference with academic freedom in Middle Eastern research which is supported by BRICUP and BRISMES Campaigns.

We will hear from Bayan Haddad, an instructor of English literature at Birzeit University and George Antonius Birzeit Fellow at St Antony’s College Oxford, about how Palestinians organise to defend their right to education despite all attempts to destroy educational institutions and knowledge systems and about the role played by education in the Palestinian struggle for liberation. We will also hear about staff and student organising against the complicity of our own institution in its investments and research partnerships.