Solidarity with the McStrike 1st May 2018

Cambridge UCU stands in solidarity with Cambridge McDonald’s branch of BFAWU and their historic strike. Read about their last strike action here. Our letter:

Dear Cambridge McDonald’s branch of BFAWU,

Congratulations on your courageous and historic strike. Cambridge UCU, the trade union of academic and academic-related staff at the University of Cambridge, stands with you in your inspiring action in order to win simple demands which should be the right of every worker: Union recognition, a fair wage and an end to zero-hour contracts.

You have been subjected to the worst excesses of the rise of the so-called ‘gig economy’ and you have shown that this treatment is unacceptable.

Your fight for decent working rights is for the rights of all workers. You are at the forefront of a movement nationwide which is starting to reject widespread acceptance of these practices, demonstrating the power of workers who stand together to demand a basic standard of living and treatment at work.

It is all the more impressive that you have done this on very low and precarious income, with long hours and bad working conditions and in the face of appalling treatment by managers both against individuals at work, and against your union.

You will win, and force your employers to recognise your union, stopping the maltreatment of yourselves and your colleagues. By doing so, you will show the vital importance and urgency of unionisation in every workplace.

Thank you for your brave strike, your fight is our fight and we will stand with you until your demands are met.

In solidarity,

Cambridge UCU