Solidarity with Cambridge University Unite – show your support in the battle for fair pay!

“Cambridge UCU stands in complete solidarity with Cambridge University Unite on the question of fighting low pay. The University would not function without the dedicated work of Unite members, who play essential roles across the institution. It is a disgrace that such a wealthy institution has not taken action to resolve this dispute by offering fair pay to staff who have faced huge real-terms cuts to their pay as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. We urge our members to show their solidarity with Unite by visiting the picket lines during strike days and getting involved actively in their campaign.” – Cambridge UCU executive

We’ve received the following message from Unite about their strike action: “Our members at the university are offered an average 5% salary increase at a time when inflation was hovering around 9%, resulting in a real-terms pay cut. Over the past decade, the real-term wage reduction has been more than 20-25%, significantly deteriorating the living and working conditions of staff during these years. Cambridge University is rich and has an income of £2.2bn, assets worth £6.6bn, an operating surplus of £120m, and an endowment fund of around £4bn. Unite Cambridge University is going on strike on October 24th, October 26th, AND November 1st and November 7th.”

Unite members will be picketing at Downing site, Fitzwilliam Museum, Engineering, University Library and Sidgwick site 8.30 to 12.30 (moving from staff entrances to public entrances at 10am) 

You can support the strike in the following ways:

  •  Advertise strike and pickets to your colleagues/members
  • Encourage your colleagues/members to visit our pickets and demonstration, 1pm on October 24 at Senate House to show solidarity with the strikers.
  • Share the flyer and your statement of solidarity on your social media
  • Donate to the strike fund – please get in touch for details

Please read the branch FAQ about visiting Unite’s picket lines – as a UCU member if you don’t cross the line and take strike action you won’t be covered by the same legal protection as during our strikes. But you can still visit the pickets and show your solidarity in other ways.