Joint statement J4CS and the Colleges, University and Office for Intercollegiate Services 5/10

On Thursday 5th October representatives of the Cambridge UCU Justice 4 College Supervisors (J4CS) campaign met with representatives of the Colleges, University, and the Office for Intercollegiate Services (OIS). Present at that meeting:

Cambridge UCU: Max Long (Research Fellow, Jesus College), Lydia Richards (UCU regional official), Matthew Lloyd Roberts (UCU Postgraduate Rep), Emily Sandford (UCU Casualisation Rep; Research Fellow, Caius College).

Colleges, University and OIS: Richard Anthony (Chair, Bursars’ Committee), Judith Bunbury (Associate Secretary, Senior Tutors’ Committee), Malcolm Millbrook (Deputy Head of OIS).


Joint Statement


Both sides agreed that the meeting was a productive and constructive one, addressing a wide range of issues of mutual concern.

A joint statement relating to the suspension of the Boycott of Undergraduate Supervisions (BUS) by J4CS members was finalised.

The draft programme of work developed by OIS in collaboration with representatives of the Colleges and University to address the J4CS campaign’s key demands was discussed, and J4CS representatives agreed to submit comments in relation to this document in advance of the next meeting scheduled for October 19th.

We agreed to further discussions on the question of pay to take place in the next two meetings (October 19th and November 9th), with a view to revisiting the J4CS campaign’s earlier proposal of a transparent, rigorous, and sustainable formula for calculating hourly pay for undergraduate supervisions. The meeting on November 30th will be devoted to the question of contracts.

We agreed to reinitiate plans for a survey of undergraduate supervisors which aims to gather accurate and reliable data on the labour required for undergraduate supervisions across the 31 colleges. This will be finalised in consultation with the team leading the University’s Teaching Review, and is subject to approval by the Senior Tutors’ Business Committee.


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Joint Statement J4CS OIS 091023