Motion: Support for Palestine and Academic Freedom

Motion carried at the CUCU General Meeting, Monday 13 November, 1pm

CUCU notes

  • The escalation of violence in Gaza and the Occupied Territories including the bombing of homes, schools, ambulances and hospitals in Gaza and the growing death toll.
  • The normalisation of dehumanising language and the consequent legitimisation of the collective punishment of innocent civilians, including thousands of children.
  • Continued support for Israel from the UK government and attacks by ministers and the media on dissenting voices including many UCU members.

CUCU believes

  • The military solution employed by Israel will only intensify the practices of settler-colonialism and the consolidation of Israel as an Apartheid state
  • Targeting of academic organisations and individuals who speak up against genocide is part of a full-frontal attack by the UK government on personal and academic freedoms
  • We must take an uncompromising position against all forms of racism, including Islamophobia and anti-semitism.

CUCU resolves

  • To send our banner the local and national demonstrations demanding an immediate ceasefire
  • To continue to work with colleagues, CU Palestine Society and other student groups through the organisation of events (eg. teach ins, vigils, marches) in support of Palestinian liberation and against complicity by UK universities in Israeli apartheid
  • To campaign against attempts to suppress or silence pro-Palestinian voices and organisers.