Motion on Anti-Trade Union Laws

Motion on Anti-Trade Union Laws for Oct 12 2018 GM
12 Oct 2018 at 13:00 – 14:00, Room 4, Mill Lane Lecture Rooms

Free our unions

Cambridge UCU believes:

  1. That the anti-trade union laws – from the 2016 Trade Union Act to the numerous laws introduced by the Tories in the 1980s and 90s – mean unions are fighting the mounting challenges of low pay, precariousness and lack of rights with our arms tied behind our backs.
  2. That we need a big push to get these laws repealed and replaced with strong legal rights for workers and unions, including a strong right to strike.
  3. That the unanimous vote for such a policy at last year’s Labour Party conference was an excellent step, but Labour is yet to start talking about or campaigning actively for it.


Cambridge UCU notes and welcomes:

  1. The Labour Party’s renewed commitment at its 2018 national conference to abolishing anti-union laws.
  2. The recent comments by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell advocating repeal of the anti-union laws. We need to provide support against resistance to this policy from right-wing MPs, the Tories, the press, etc.
    The statement on these issues being circulated by a range of union organisations. 


Cambridge UCU resolves:

  1. To sign the statement and stay in touch with the other signatories to coordinate.
  2. To circulate it as widely as possible to other branches and sections of the union, and to nearby branches, trades councils, etc, asking for support.
  3. To circulate it to members with an explanation of why it is so important.
  4. To organise a photo supporting repeal of the anti-union laws and the right to strike at an upcoming meeting.
  5. To invite a speaker from the campaign.

– motion carried