Friday Update: Lobby Cambridge on USS!

Welcome to the end of our first week of strike action! We’ve been picketing online today, sheltering from Storm Eunice, but we’ll be back out on the pickets on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, here are FIVE THINGS you can do right now to make sure our strike is as big as possible next week:

  1. Sign up to next week’s pickets – in person as usual! Check your email for a link to sign up.
  2. Tell two or three colleagues about the pickets, and sort out a time when you can come along together.
  3. Lobby members of University Council to approve our proposals to resolve the USS dispute – template message, email addresses, and instructions are all here. This is urgent: consultations close this afternoon, so this could be the best 5 minutes you spend all day!
  4. Lobby Stephen Toope! UCU has produced a really easy, one-click tool you can find here.
  5. Take the weekend off: remember, we’re on ASOS, and we’ll need our energy for next week’s action!

And if you’re looking to read some longer reflections on the week that was, make sure you check out this extraordinary speech from Priya Gopal, delivered at Thursday’s rally. Here’s an excerpt for you:

Decolonisation, as Frederick Douglass reminded us, is about showing those in power the limits of their impunity and showing them the limits of our endurance.  We will not endure so that others do not have to endure either. We must not endure. We are reminded over and over again: power concedes nothing without a demand, it never did and never will.