Solidarity with Fossil Free Research campaign

Cambridge UCU stands in solidarity with students and academics who occupied the BP Institute in Cambridge on Tuesday 17 May. BP is one of the oil and gas majors revealed by the Guardian recently to be planning huge investments in new fossil fuel production which would destroy any possibility of remaining within internationally agreed goals of 1.5C global warming and set the world onto a path towards an utterly catastrophic 2.7C average temperature rise. Following the IPCC report in April this year it is hard to find words to express the stupidity, greed, cynicism and cruelty of the people who run these corporations as “cash machines” which are literally torching our shared future and the future of billions of other living beings on this planet.

We call on the University to meet the demands of the Fossil Free Research campaign and stop covering up BP’s role in the climate catastrophe by accepting the company’s funding for climate and environmental research.

Cambridge UCU executive committee