Papers for HR Committee: Time to Think Again

On 7 July, the University’s HR Committee will be meeting to discuss the cuts announced by the Vice Chancellor for 2020/1. We don’t get a seat on the HR Committee, but we’ll be there in spirit, thanks to two papers we’ve submitted in advance. You can find the papers below, along with a brief summary of their contents. We believe these decisions have been taken too hastily, based on too little evidence and consultation, and without sufficient thought for the damage they’ll cause. They’ve been announced without any serious justification, meaning staff are being asked to take the hit based merely on trust.

UCU’s position is that any changes in working conditions need to be voluntary, transparent, and time-limited. These decisions meet none of those criteria. The University needs to start living up to its reputation as a rational, evidence-based institution, and it can begin by putting these decisions on hold until it’s justified them fully, and shown us all the evidence behind them. Our message to HR Committee is clear: it’s not too late to think again.

Our paper on the pay restraint measures for 2020/21, including the cancellation of all pay progression and promotions, is here:


And here’s our paper on the termination of the Contract Extension Scheme at the end of July: