Motion to SHESC on Joint Expert Panel

Motion to SHESC: on the Joint Expert Panel

  • Conference notes that the membership has had no role yet in shaping the structure or operation of the Joint Expert Panel. 
  • Conference believes the JEP is not a negotiation but a fact-finding exercise and is not legitimate in negotiating alternative scheme design options, including Collective Defined Contribution designs.
  • Conference believes that the JEP should operate from a presumption of transparency rather than confidentiality. 
  • Conference notes that the JEP risks taking away from the hands of union members the democratic control over the dispute and risks co-opting our union into employers’ positions. 


Hence conference resolves to insist that all materials submitted to or produced by the JEP be made available to members of USS immediately, and the terms of reference for the JEP are modified accordingly and submitted to the membership of branches in dispute before August for approval.

amended motion carried

12 June 2018