Motion on the right to dissent

Motion for General Meeting: on the right to dissent

This branch believes:

  • That events leading to the early closing of Congress represent a threat to democracy in the Union and a denial of the will of its members;
  • That union members have the right to hold elected officials to account;
  • That, given the General Secretary has a unique role among union staff as an elected position, it was right for Congress delegates to vote to hear a debate on motions 10 and 11;
  • That these motions should be heard in a recalled Congress.


This branch resolves:

  • To call for Congress to be recalled as soon as possible ;
  • To instruct our delegates to vote in favour of debating motions 10 and 11 at Congress;
  • To write to the General Secretary and express dissatisfaction with the course of action that led to the early closing of the Congress and disruption of Union democracy.


-amended motion carried

12 June 2018