Motion on Redundancies at Queens’ College

Cambridge UCU notes that:

  • According to documents leaked to Varsity this week, Queens’ College plans to make 32 members of non-academic staff redundant in the midst of a global pandemic and unprecedented economic crisis;
  • The areas marked for redundancy include staff who have been at the forefront of the college’s response to the pandemic, working through the summer to ensure the college stayed open and functional and to prepare for the coming academic year.
  • The plans have been condemned by UNITE, Cambridge SU, and Queens’ students and alumni.

The branch notes in addition that:

  • Queens’ College is the fourteenth richest college in Cambridge, with an endowment of £91.23 million, a sum that has increased by 25% over the past five years;
  • The three highest earners in the college earned £315,000 between them in 2019.

The branch therefore resolves that:

  • Queens’ should use its substantial wealth to make up for losses instead of passing cuts onto the most vulnerable and precarious staff;
  • Queens’ and other colleges should halt any plans for redundancies;
  • Cambridge UCU should extend its formal support to the Queens’ Solidarity Campaign in collaboration with UNITE, and offer any practical assistance possible.