Motion on Recognition of Cambridge UCU by the University of Cambridge

This branch holds

  • That union recognition is central to a positive and constructive relationship between employees and employers;
  • That collective bargaining is essential for safe-guarding and improving workers’ rights

This branch notes

  • That, of more than 150 public universities in the UK, the University of Cambridge is the only one that still refuses to recognise UCU. 
  • That Cambridge UCU has more than doubled in membership since 2018, showing an urgent need for the work of the union.
  • That Cambridge UCU contributes an enormous amount to the working of the university through individual casework and local campaigns
  • That recognition will allow Cambridge UCU to be recognised as an official bargaining partner, to have a guaranteed seat at the key committees determining the operations of the University, and to grant facility time for members of the branch, thus increasing the capacity of Cambridge UCU to represent its members

This branch calls on the University of Cambridge to recognise Cambridge UCU as official collective bargaining partner.  

This branch instructs the executive committee to lodge a recognition claim with the University of Cambridge