Motion on supporting an organising and recruitment drive in the Colleges

This branch notes:

  1. That the research and campaign work undertaken by Cambridge UCU point to a structural problem of casualisation in Cambridge Colleges
  2. That the branch has established mechanisms and fora for bargaining on employment-related issues with the University, which are being formalised with the negotiation of a recognition agreement. However, no such mechanisms exist for the Colleges
  3. That none of the 31 Colleges recognises UCU as the trade union for academic, academic-related and research staff
  4. That the widespread use of self-employment by the Colleges to regulate teaching work and the cross-appointment of staff between the University and the Colleges has hindered our capacity to ballot College-only staff for industrial action between 2018 and 2021 on national disputes
  5. That the Justice4CollegeSupervisors campaign has formally submitted demands for secure contracts, a pay rise, and paid training for supervisors teaching undergraduates for the Colleges
  6. That the 31 Colleges have shown intransigence to the demands brought forward by the Justice4CollegeSupervisors campaign


This branch believes:

That expanding our membership and increasing members’ engagement in the 31 Colleges is key to build our collective bargaining power and defend workers’ rights


This branch resolves:

To instruct the Executive Committee to initiate an organising and recruitment drive in the 31 Colleges, with the purpose to increase union membership and engagement, with the aim of strengthening our capabilities for bargaining with the Colleges locally, and for running successful campaigns and periods of industrial action, locally and nationally