Motion on Recognition Negotiations

1. The branch notes that:
a. In March 2020, Cambridge UCU submitted a formal claim for recognition on behalf ofacademic, academic-related and research staff;
b. In subsequent meetings, university management accepted that Cambridge UCU should be recognised for academic staff, but questioned our right to be recognised for academic-related and research staff;
c. In November 2020, at Cambridge UCU’s Annual General Meeting, members votedoverwhelmingly to reaffirm our claim to recognition for all our staff groups.

2. The branch further notes that:
a. Over the past year, two other unions – Unite and Unison – have also put in claims to be recognised for academic-related staff at Cambridge;
b. In a meeting on 22 July 2021, the University proposed that the claims made by all three unions should be honoured, stating that in their view staff should be free to join the union of their choice;
c. If agreed, this would eliminate the need for a staff-wide poll to determine which union – if any – should be recognised for academic-related staff, as originally suggested by the University;
d. In practice, this would mean that Cambridge UCU would be recognised for all its staff groups, but would share recognition for academic-related staff with Unite and Unison.

3. The branch resolves that:
a. The Negotiating Committee should continue working on an agreement with the University based on sole recognition for academic and research staff and joint recognition for academic-related staff;
b. The Committee should also meet with Unite and Unison to discuss ways of working together;
c. Once it has been negotiated, the recognition agreement should be submitted to a branch meeting for members to accept or reject.