Congress Motion on China, Hong Kong and the Uyghurs: solidarity, peace and democracy

UCU believes in political and economic democracy. China’s authoritarian state represents neither.

Uyghurs and other majority-Muslim peoples in Xinjiang China suffer genocidal persecution and forced labour through Chinese government policy.

Supported by British colonial-era anti-union and anti-democratic laws, the Chinese state is repressing Hong Kong’s democracy movement and using a recently imposed National Security Law to arrest and charge activists.
Independent trade unions are prohibited under China’s Trade Union Law, allowing employers to ignore workers’ rights, often with impunity.

Congress calls on our branches, NEC and General Secretary to:

  • Build solidarity with labour organisers, feminist activists, human rights defenders, and others struggling to uphold their rights in China;
  • Demand the release of political prisoners and repeal of Hong Kong’s National Security Law;
  • Demand supply chain audits, and cut ties with Xinjiang rights abuses;
  • Resist increasing Sinophobia and those who appropriate support for democracy to promote a New Cold War.


Passed at 15 March 2021 Branch Meeting