2021 Late Congress Motion on Solidarity with Palestine

Congress notes:

    • renewed Israeli barrage against Gaza;
    • ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem;
    • Human Rights Watch finding “crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution” by Israel;
    • Racist attacks on Palestinians by mobs protected by police.

Congress believes this…


      • illegal settlement in the West Bank;
      • systematic discrimination against Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship;
      • Nation State Law making Israel a state for Jews, rendering Palestinians and non-Jewish immigrants second-class;

and arises from:

      • Israel’s settler-colonial and supremacist nature for which Britain bears special responsibility.

Congress resolves via GS to:

    • urge members to review any relationships with Israeli institutions, and consider their moral and political implications;
    • call on UK Government and devolved administrations to impose trade sanctions and arms embargos on Israel as an Apartheid state;
    • circulate sanctions petition to members;
    • urge branch-organised PSC/BRICUP meetings, defending the right to criticise Zionism against antisemitism smears.


Passed at 18 May 2021 Branch Meeting