2019 Congress motion on Financial and Institutional Support for Migrant Staff

2019 Congress Motion on Financial and Institutional Support for Migrant Staff


Congress notes:

  1. Migrants are an integral part of the UK university staff body, which is 30% non-UK.
  2. Regular above-inflation increases in Visa fees and related costs act as a form of double taxation on migrant staff.
  3. Financial support and formal representation for migrant staff are deeply lacking across the sector. 


Congress believes: 

  1. Direct migrant representation is needed to advance UCU policy on matters specific to migrant members.
  2. Standards set by the Universities of St Andrews and Sheffield show that our employers can and should take responsibility to redress punitive financial measures that affect migrant staff.


Congress resolves to:

  1. Create a migrant representative under the UCU Equality structures and implement rule changes to close the representational gap.
  2. Negotiate with the employers nationally for a gold standard across the sector on 
    1. covering Visa costs, NHS and Indefinite Leave to Remain fees for staff and their dependants;
    2. provision of dedicated HR support.


Word Count: 149

Passed at 14 March 2019 Branch meeting