Joint statement from the Office for Intercollegiate Services and the Cambridge UCU Justice For College Supervisors Campaign following the meeting on 30/03/2023

On March 30th we had a productive meeting. We agreed on the following points.

OIS is researching how the current intercollegiate recharge rate would relate to agreed-upon national pay spines and multipliers, so as to present to Colleges a proposal for an altered and more transparent recharge rate methodology.

We also discussed the levy to cover payment for supervisors’ mandatory training. As planned, the levy was considered at the recent Levies Panel meeting in March. This is towards the beginning of the process that considers and priorities intercollegiate expenditure requests collectively. The goal is for the payment to be in place by the next academic year. The Colleges are also looking into payments for other mandatory faculty and department-based supervisor training sessions. 

In the meantime, we will continue work on the draft of the joint J4CS-OIS survey of all supervisors.

Finally, we agreed that the Justice4CollegeSupervisors campaign would refrain from attributing intentionality to College/OIS employees in further tweets. We agreed not to use direct quotations from individuals about aspects discussed in the meetings, and we agreed to make joint statements which can be communicated to all after any meetings.

We will meet next on the 11th of May 2023 and look forward to further productive conversations.