Motion on NEU #FiveTests

CUCU notes that the NEU have launched a campaign publicising five tests they want the government to meet before schools can reopen, including much lower numbers of covid-19 cases, a national plan for social distancing, testing, a strategy for testing and isolation the whole school or college if a case occurs and protection for vulnerable staff, parents, children and family members. Any return must also be negotiated with unions and not imposed by government. 

CUCU believes that this campaign is a model for how trade unions can organise to defend lives and health in the current crisis

CUCU resolves to

  • Publicise the NEU campaign to members and urge them to sign the petition in support
  • Contact NEU Cambridgeshire to offer solidarity and ask for an NEU speaker to brief members about the campaign
  • Call on UCU NEC to develop a similar set of tests and campaign plan around the reopening of universities and colleges