Strike solidarity forever

Messages of support for our industrial action have been coming in over the past few days. We’ll be using this post to collect them together. Send in your messages to 

From Unite London and Eastern Education RISC

Unite London and Eastern Education RISC, alongside Unite Cambridge University branch, fully supports the industrial action that UCU is taking in relation to the 2019-2020 JNCHES pay claim, and USS pensions

The Education RISC fully supports UCU in continuing to pursue a fair pay rise for staff in Higher Education and we regret that Unite members working in the sector, despite voting overwhelmingly in favour of strike action, have been frustrated in taking action by the monstrous and horrendous anti-trade union laws imposed by the Tory government. Otherwise, we would be standing shoulder to shoulder with our brother and sisters in UCU in their actions. Unite Education RISC believes that we can be much more effective in having our demands met by university bosses through joint union action

In relation to the USS pensions dispute the RISC believes that the initial proposals from the employers and USS to effectively convert the USS scheme from a defined benefit to a defined contribution scheme was an outrageous attack on staff pensions and we are pleased to see UCU action is causing Universities UK and USS to change these proposals. We understand that talks are ongoing at the national level to resolve this dispute and we wish our UCU colleagues’ success in their action commencing on Thursday 20th February 2020.

From Pete Monaghan, Cambridge Trades Council and Cambridge Regional College UCU

On behalf of UCU members at Cambridge Regional College and trade union members across Cambridge l send solidarity and thanks for your strike action today and for the remainder of your strike action. It is also fantastic to see the linking of this industrial action with the climate action of XR this week. We need to understand our common opponents of those who choose to put profit and dividends before the planet & people. Solidarity Pete Monaghan on behalf of CRC UCU & Cambridge Trades Council”