Motion on Trinity departure from USS

Motion on Trinity College’s departure from USS – 9 July 2019 EGM


This branch notes:

  1. That defending the integrity of the USS pension scheme is one of UCU’s top priorities, locally and nationally.
  2. The censure of Trinity College by UCU.
  3. That over 500 members of staff and graduate students have signed a letter committing to a local boycott of discretionary labour for Trinity


This branch believes:

  1. That Trinity’s proposal to leave the USS is an attack on existing national pension structures. 
  2. That this attack threatens the stability of the national pension scheme for pre-1992 university staff with damaging consequences for UK Higher Education.
  3. That opting out of nationally agreed structures should not be an option for individual Cambridge colleges, and is not in the interests of Cambridge University as a collegiate university. 
  4. That Trinity’s departure from USS constitutes an abuse of their historic endowment and represents a short-sighted and narrow view of the college’s interests. 


This branch resolves:

  1. To continue to work with the HEC on the organisation of a national academic boycott of Trinity’s teaching and its research, until Trinity commits to rejoin and continue in the USS scheme.
  2. To continue to publicise the boycott within Cambridge of Trinity’s teaching and research in relation to supervision arrangements, academic conferences and associated academic activities, until Trinity commits to rejoin and continue in the USS scheme.
  3. To work with Trinity Members and Fellows to alert Trinity College alumni of this urgent situation, and positively argue that they withdraw existing and future donations to the College.
  4. To call a National Day of Action; mobilising UCU members across the UK to join a mass demonstration outside Trinity College.
  5. To open discussions with students at Trinity and across the University to consider further coordinated joint action.