CUCU Hardship Fund


The forthcoming USS & Pay dispute will have a huge impact on our members.  If you could donate to our local Hardship Fund it would be very much appreciated and will support our precariously employed members and those in financial hardship. 


1) Donate online, details are:

Name:  UCU Cambridge Hardship Fund 

Acct #:  20393807

SortCd: 60-83-01

2) By cheque, made out to: Cambridge UCU Hardship Fund

3) Cash donations contact


General information for members facing hardship from recent strike action

Because of the timing of the action, the earliest payroll from which pay may be deducted is December 2019. Strike action taken during the period 25th November to 4th December will likely fall mainly within the December payroll. The university has told employees that deductions in their pay will be phased over three months, unless they explicitly request otherwise.

Whilst UCU is not able to give assistance to all members taking strike action, the union offers the following financial support for members at risk of serious hardship. Union members must ensure they are paying subscriptions at the correct rate in order to be eligible. 

1) UCU’s National Fighting Fund 

This provides for strike pay available from the national UCU office. 

Members can apply online for strike funding from the national Fighting Fund, subject to certain criteria and evidence of financial loss. Strike pay is available for each day of industrial action called by UCU in which members have participated resulting in docked pay after the first 2 or 3 days of strike action taken, depending on your salary: 

  • those of you earning £30,000 or more will be able to claim up to £50 from the third day onwards;
  • those of you earning below £30,000 will be able to claim up to £75 per day from the second day onwards

Guidelines for funding from the national Fighting Fund can be found at: National Fighting Fund Guidance (pdf) 

2) Local Hardship Fund 

The branch has limited funds and can only help those members most in need. Please only apply to the local fund after applying to the national fund.

This is funding available from the local Cambridge University Branch of UCU, for CUCU members, as a ‘top up’ to UCU’s National Fighting Fund support listed above. 

We will publish our policy and procedure/forms as soon as possible. Claims can not be made until the after the first pay date following the end of the action.

A period of industrial action is extremely busy for national and local UCU staff. If you have a query about financial support or eligibility for members, please help us by directing your inquiry to the right place: 

1) For questions regarding the national UCU Fighting Fund, please contact UCU Head office:

2) For questions about the CUCU Local Hardship Fund, please email